Dog Pain Relief – Health Problems from A to Z

Thank you for visiting our website to get more information on how to deal with all types of dog health problems.  Every year millions of pet owners seek dog pain relief for dogs who suffer all types of illnesses and diseases that range from skin infections, arthritis, dog worms, Dog Pain Relieffood allergies, diabetes and even headaches.  Our lovely, furry friends rely on us to assist and provide proper health care.

This site is designed to discuss all dog health problems and issues from A to Z.  We encourage you to browse our website and read all the useful information for the health and longevity of your dog.

What are the symptoms of dog pain?

It is a natural instinct of survival for animals to quietly suffer in pain.  As responsible pet owners, we can be observant and minimize discomfort and suffering by paying close attention to certain early signs of health issues.

Some symptoms are more obvious than others but the ones that stand out are: loss of appetite, becoming lethargic, vocalizing by howling and yelping, restlessness and unable to sit still.  Other symptoms include drinking excessive amounts of water and having a sudden bout of bad breath.  Sometimes a dog that is dealing with pain will become aggressive or more attached than usual.

What are the possible causes of pain?

Arthritis – This can be more common than usual.  Urinary Tract Infections – especially frequent urination.  Dental Problems – just like humans, dogs can suffer from gingivitis, abscesses and tooth decay.  Back Problems – This can range anywhere from a pulled muscle to a slipped disc.  Eye and Ear problems – Dogs can suffer anywhere from glaucoma to extremely painful inner ear infections.  Joint Pain –  This can be very sensitive if your hand touches one of his joints.  Diarrhea – or changes in stool.

What can you do?

The first step is to become aware and realize what changes have taken place in the last few days and weeks.  Selecting the right type of food for your dog is a preventive measure that many owners can do.  Today, we know that chemicals and preservatives are just as bad for dogs as they are for humans.

Select food that is chemical and additive free.  Do not feed your dog human food or human scraps which can lead to health problems.  Pay attention to some dry food which can contain more preservatives and may not always be the right choice.

Aspirin and Dogs

Can you give a dog aspirin?  I get this question all the time and the answer is “it depends”. Aspirin can give temporary relief for chronic pain and inflammation and can help dogs with arthritis.  When a dog is in pain, dog owners are very eager to administer human pain medication, but giving aspirin to dogs can sometimes create more problems.

Aspirin can upset the stomach and cause gastrointestinal problems in some animals.  So the simple answer to this question is to always check with your vet and ensure there are no other unknown problems or causes. One of the difficult decisions for a dog owner is deciding when a sick dog needs a vet’s attention.

When the visit to the vet is inevitable, make sure all documentation, vaccination and allergy information is available for him or her to see.  Consider purchasing dog health insurance to lower high veterinary bills.  More and more pet owners are realizing that it’s simply not right to neglect a sick dog or a dog that is in pain.

As a result, dogs and even cats are living longer lives.   In conclusion, always be vigilant of your dog’s behavior.  Ask your veterinarian all types of questions that can assist him or her when treating a dog.  Be a responsible and informed pet owner by reading all dog pain medication and materials and taking appropriate action.  After all, dogs are a part of the family.


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