Dog Arthritis Treatment

Dog arthritis generally occurs to large dog breeds and senior dogs. It is a canine disease characterized by a pain in the joints. Dog Arthritis TreatmentIn cases where your dog has arthritis, you will observe a drastic change in his physical activities. He will be reluctant and fatigued to move, jump or play and is lagging behind on walks. Your dog will also yelp in pain when touched.

Treatment Options

If your own dog is suffering because of arthritis or hip dysplasia, there are several treatment options that you can do to address the problem, which range from dietary supplements to dog pain relief medications. Whatever method you choose, please make sure to consult your veterinarian first to determine which treatment method is best for your dog.

Most dogs with arthritis that experience intense pain usually require anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and carprofen to address the pain. These types of drugs are effective at reducing pain and inflammation and are used during the first few days of the beginning of a glucosamine regimen. Though these medicines don’t have the ability to remodel the joint, they can lessen the inflammation at the nerve endings so that the dog remains comfortable.

Medications and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Certain medications such as steroids, prednisone, dexamethasone, and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to minimize swelling of joints. There are also nutritional supplements that you can give to your dog to boost his immune system against complications related to arthritis.

Things You Can Do

Besides seeking dog arthritis treatment through veterinary care, there are a few things you can do help your dog with the pain. For starters, always ensure your dog maintains a correct weight for his or her age. Make sure his meals are always balanced and nutritional and make sure he gets plenty of exercise. Controlling your dogs weight goes a long way to ensure you limit the inflammation in the joints.

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