Dog Pain Medication WITHOUT Side Effects!

So, your family pet is suffering and you can’t find the right dog pain medication to help soothe their pain?

As dogs age, many have considerable difficulty with joint pain. This is commonly diagnosed as arthritis. Arthritis is the degeneration and inflammation of a joint.

You may be noticing your dog has little energy now, can’t keep up on walks anymore, and seems overwhelmed by the staircase nowadays. Have you noticed swelling or heat in your dog’s joints, is your dog licking at these areas, and do you see stiffness in his or her movements?

Then it’s time to do something about it, they need your help! The market has plenty of options for your dog’s joint pain. Here are the types of dog pain medication and treatment options available:

PetBounce – All Natural Drops

This product has taken all of the concerns of what WAS available on the market and has created a safe and effective solution. These are drops that are given orally to your dog without the dangerous side effects of chemical drugs. No more forcing pills down your pet. Can you imagine the ease of a couple quick drops?

Weight Loss

Weight loss is beneficial to most all joint pain sufferers (especially since larger dog breeds commonly deal with joint issues). However, if your dog is having trouble with day-to-day activities and is in pain, then this is not the best step to employ just yet.

Pain Relieving Creams and Gels

There are pain relieving gels and creams on the market for joint pain suffering dogs. This type of dog pain medication can be difficult to apply because of your dog’s hair/coat. Also, another downfall is that it may be licked away immediately by your dog. This can cause one of two things or even both. One is that the dog pain medication will no longer relieve any pain because it’s not in place to do its job anymore. And two, this could be very dangerous to your dog due to the ingredients that may be hazardous to ingest.

Pill Form Medication

There are two types of pill-form dog pain medications that people use on their pets that are “pet prescribed” and “over-the-counter human medications”. Sadly, there is not much to contrast between the two types. Both have serious side effects and most commonly cause stomach ulcers in pets. This would be one of the worst possibilities when you’re trying to give your dog his or her quality of life back, nobody would ever want to cause more injury.

Senior Pet Supplies

This is a coping mechanism, not a fix. Some of these products will allow for your dog to carry out certain activities with more assistance. But remember, it will not change the actual problem that your dog is suffering from.

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