Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies

Fits of head shaking or scratching around the head are good indications of a dog ear infection.  If an animal is also whining, there is a good probability that the Dog Ear Infectionears are hurting badly.

A foul odor emitting from the dog’s ears is another sign of an infectious condition that is probably caused by bacteria or possibly a yeast infection.  Some home remedies might work if the condition is not allowed to go for a long time before being treated.  In advanced cases, it is always best to see the vet.

Preventative medicine is always the best policy for these types of problems.  Practicing good hygiene and keeping the animal clean is a positive way to keep infections to a minimum.  The hair inside the ear should be clipped so it does not tickle and irritate the animal, leading to scratching.

When a dog gets into water, especially creek or river water, infections can set in if its ears are not washed with clean water and dried.  Even if a dog has not been in water, its ears should be periodically examined to make sure there are no foreign objects that can cause damage or lead to infection.

Some Simple Home Remedies

A water and vinegar mixture will help with a dog ear infection; just mix apple cider or white vinegar in a spray bottle that can be misted directly into the ears.  Apply this every other day while the infection is present.  The spray is the best way to get the vinegar deep into the ear, but some dogs will take exception to this method and it may be necessary to use a cloth applicator.

The healing benefits of vitamin E oil can aid a dog just as well as a human.  Use an eyedropper to drip two or three drops in each ear on a daily basis until the infection is gone.  After the drops are applied, massage the ear for several minutes to make sure the oil goes deep into the ear.

Similarly, garlic oil can be used by placing drops in the ears.  This is a natural antibiotic and it should soothe the ache somewhat.

A warm compress has soothing tendencies too.  Soak a cloth in warm water, wring out the excess, and then lay it over the ear opening.  Pull the ear over the cloth and gently massage so the water goes down into the ear.

Keep in mind that your dog will not care to have much done to its ears if they are hurting a lot.  Try to work with the animal and don’t force the issue, because this can cause a lack of trust and make it even harder to treat the problem.  Always be gentle with massages and watch the reactions to be sure that your dog does not get disturbed.

A dog ear infection can be traumatic to an animal because it can’t understand why it has the pain.  Any pain relief treatment that you do to the ears should be limited to the outer part.  Any intrusion deep into the ear might make the pain worse and cause damage.

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