Dog Arthritis and 6 Steps for Prevention


Dog arthritis is an ailment that greatly challenges a dogs quality of life because the joint problems that they encounter limits their mobility and disallows them to do certain activities that they used to enjoy like taking walks and being generally active. Dog arthritis is especially common in dog of a large breed.Dog arthritis can set in with age, especially if your pet is over weight, and dog arthritis can result from physical trauma. The pain your pet experience from dog arthritis is due to the breakdown of cartilage surrounding his or her joint that causes extreme discomfort during movement. The same thing happens to human who have arthritis.You may begin to suspect that your dog has dog arthritis if he or she begins to exhibit signs of difficult in jumping or climbing steps. Dog arthritis will also pose as a challenge for your dog to get up from resting and will begin to make your pet reluctant to walk or play . The pain that your dog experience from dog arthritis is comparable to those in human because the cause is pretty much the same. This is why medication for dog arthritis can be similar to those for humans. You will need to check with your vet and work with him on the best medication for your pet dog arthritis. Keep in mind how ever that this medicine can quite costly and some may have side effect on your beloved pet. Its therefore very important to understand and discuss these at side from medication, there are other way that you can help alleviate your pets suffering from dog arthritis. for more info visit

[1] DIET, Feeding your dog a natural diet with high amount of vitamins, minerals and greens [vegetable] essentials for proper formation of healthy bones and tissue provide the building block for a long, healthy life for your dog. Be sure your dog is not overweight it would be preferable to get a dog food that is low fat and low carbohydrate for example, home prepared meals. Dog also require more proteins and calcium than humans do. more info visit

[2] –HEARB, variety of herbs are used at different time for dog arthritis. The one I have seen to be most effective include Devils Claw, used in traditional African medicine, Boswell, Chinese herb are both anti-inflammatory, while alfalfa provide building blocks for the joint.

[3] EXERCISE, exercise is extremely important in keeping an arthritis dog fighting and recovering .if possible take your dog out for several shorter 10- 15 minutes walks each day rather than going for long walk’ Another great strategy is to take your dog swimming they will get the exercise without stressing the joint .A bath rub works well for very small dogs, However , if your dog is landlubber and hates water don’t push the issue, for more info visit

[4] REDUCE EXCESS WEIGHT, Extra-weight on a dog put extra pressure on the joint ,and cause more pains and swelling . Begin by reducing the amount of treats giving ,cut back a bit on food and provide a lower fat diet for your dog o help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and help your dog to stay comfortable.for more info visit

5] APPLY MOIST HEAT, Apply a hot water bottle with warm or use a towel soaked in warm water that’s been wrung out to your dogs aching joint. Moist heat penetrates deeply and provides welcome relief. Do not use a heating pad as it may get too hot for the dog and burn them especially if your has limited mobility- they may not be able to get up and move away from a pad that is too hot.

6] GIVE YOUR DOG A MASSAGE, Don’t we all love to have sore muscle rubbed? Gently rub around the effected joint and massage the surrounding muscle. This gentle kneading and the heat from your hands should ease some of the pain

CONCLUTION; – Our life span as well the length of your dogs life is ultimately determine by how quickly you radicals cause harmful oxidative changes to occur. Therefore what you feed your dog as well as the supplement you choose for your dog are both very important. You are what you eat and that just as important for people as it is for dogs .What you feed your directly affect his health and wellness . The longer and more consistently you give your dog am optimally balance diet the greater his chances are of living a longer healthier life. for more info visit

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