How to Treat a Dog With Dandruff

While basic grooming is the main key to cleanliness, sometimes it is not enough: especially for dogs. Like humans, dogs can get suffer in the hygiene department even with the best grooming policies. Dog dandruff is an annoyance some pet owners cannot seem to dismiss, no matter how extensive or expensive the treatment turns out to be.

Find an Easy Way to Treat Your Dogs Dandruff!

Thankfully, there is a simple [and inexpensive!] natural home remedy to treat dandruff and give them pain relief: a simple combination lemon juice mixed with vinegar. It’s true, vinegar dogs are not the best smelling dogs in the world, but thankfully, if the mixture is allowed to set in for only 5 minutes, you can wash your dog with the best smelling shampoo while still fighting that pesky dandruff and removing the pungent smell of vinegar. The execution is fairly simple and not very time consuming.

Get your dog wet, then get your lemon juice and vinegar mixture ready. The amount needed is dependent on the size of the dog, so guess according to your pet size. In this case, less is not always more, so make sure you have enough to cover the entire dog’s hairy body. Simply deep rub the mixture into your dog’s hair and let it set in for 5 minutes. Beware of the smell! Make sure to keep the dog isolated in the washing vessel being used so the mixture isn’t spread throughout.

After 5 minutes, rinse the mixture out and let it set for 2 more minutes. After the two minutes, feel free to re-wash the dog with any flowery-scented shampoo you like. Let the dog naturally dry, preferably outdoors, and all your dog dandruff problems were just mixed away! Your dog will be happy and carefree without dandruff there to cause problems, simply because of an inexpensive home remedy. Sadly, it has not been tested on human hair as of yet, so experiment on your own hair at your own risk.

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